About Us


25 Years of Craftsmanship

For the past twenty-five years Deluxe Restorations have been working in the furniture restoration and repair industry in Calgary Alberta and surrounding areas.

Deluxe Restorations is dedicated to the restoration, refinishing and repairing of wood furniture including antique and contemporary treasures, from small, individual pieces to entire bedroom or dining room suites. We ensure all work is done to our high standards of craftsmanship using the most durable materials available including fittings, fasteners, adhesives, paints, stains and waxes.

Your Trusted Partner in Business

Deluxe Restorations specializes in servicing furniture stores, insurance firms, moving and relocating companies, and home builders. We have proven to our clientele, that we have been an exceptional business partner over the years. Deluxe Restorations provides companies with a cost effective alternative to replacement. Rather than paying-out settlements and replacement costs of damaged products, our company has the ability to restore these products. Especially when you consider the fact that claims will occur whether the damages are extreme or minimal, our company is an alternative that will save your business time and money.

Upon a service request, we would promptly schedule an appointment with your client and assess each item claimed and provide you with a detailed description of damages along with digital photos and an estimate for any restoration required. We can also help to validate move related damages and give approximate values of items to help with any settlements that may occur.